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Robin's Reflections . . .

I am an award-winning jewelry artisan designing and fabricating my original pieces since 1997. I focus my work on metal clay and enameling as I can completely fabricate my designs with my own hands. I work from my home studio which continues to take up more and more space in the basement!

I use Metal Clay which is a relatively recent material developed in Japan in the early 1990s and introduced to the USA in 1994. I use fine silver, bronze, copper, white copper and sterling silver clay. This material allows for a new approach to creating metal work. Before firing, metal clay is most commonly composed of 90% metal particles and 10% organic binder mixed with water to create a malleable clay. While wet, it can be shaped, molded, textured, or sculpted. Once the desired shape is obtained, it is left to dry. In the "green ware" state, it can be carved, assembled into complex constructions, refined and sanded to create  my unique jewelry. It is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures. The organic binder is burned out and the metal particles fuse resulting in a pure solid metal object. Out of the kiln, the piece can be sawed, soldered, sanded, polished and can also receive various surface treatments such as patina, oxidation, enamel.

I also love making my own beads by using the enameling process. This unique process of making vibrant and colorful beads comes from the ancient art of enameling which is fusing glass to metal. Each bead is distinctive in color and pattern keeping to my love and philosophy of original work.

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