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Out with the Old, in with the New

It's been a busy season for me as my Spring shows were engaging and fun! I love meeting lots of new people and love it even more when someone connects to one of my pieces. Now that spring has slowed down and we move into summer, it's time for a change and a revamp of my website and store. So welcome to my new digs. My goal is to maintain an online presence and keep my work available beyond the show circuit. I also enjoy sharing my experiences while on the road and then my experiences with my art.

My artistry continues to evolve and I love learning techniques and executing all the ideas

in my head! Nature continues to inspire me and I am always looking for new ways to capture God's intricate and deliberate designs as wearable art. I'm also happy to be working again with stones and hope to continue to present pieces that highlight those magnificent stones!

Enjoy the new website and store and let me know you've come to visit. I enjoy your feedback and hope to see you on the show circuit!

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