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Faux Pas or For Real?

Stone setting can be a challenge. Add to the mix making your own bezels and working with clay to dramatically set your stone with your one-of-a-kind work. I've done pretty well with this idea for several pieces, but for some reason, my last attempt was a definite faux pas. Since metal clay shrinks, you have to allow for this during your initial firing of the piece. When I am setting a stone, I like to fill the bezel area with investment (a product you mix--like concrete--that serves as a placeholder for stones during firing--also use to make ring pellets) and then fire.

Well, this time around, I totally forgot the investment and then the bezel shrunk with the clay firing and well . . .stone didn't fit. Big sigh. What to do . . .

After lots of research and investigation into many ideas, I finally decided to work with resin and include a silver flower I had made for a ring last year--the ring shank broke and I was left with the beautifully fired flower with dichroic glass center. I knew I wanted to use in something else.

Well, after mastering the resin process and setting the flower in the frame, I created a "floating" flower for this pendant. Added some color, buffed, shined and here it is. Wow!

For real . . . this was the piece that was to be made. And, I have new ideas as to how to set the original stone and new designs. A win-win! Isn't it fun?

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